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The PowerPoint below provides some very interesting history leading to where we are today. It will also give you the full background needed to understand why, at this point in the history of the world, we all need to remove ourselves from the corporate prison the elites have created for us, which is called United States Citizenship.

We can then become American State Nationals and rebuild a true republic from the bottom up.

I am also including a pdf white paper called TREASON by Ralph Boryszewski. If you study this PowerPoint and read the white paper you will have a better conception of the true history of the United States than 99.9% of the population. So I hope you enjoy this knowledge and share it widely with everyone you know. We can't take this country back if we don't understand the history behind the deception.

I am not the creator of this PowerPoint presentation.

The PowerPoint leaves out a few important items that occurred earlier in our country's history that I have included here.

Things were going pretty well in the late 1700s with the Association signed on October 20th, 1774. That document was really our first constitution, delegates from 12 colonies met in Philadelphia to put in place a plan which was extraordinarily successful. The colonists, organized locally to enforce the embargo (agreed upon by the delegates), and reduced British imports to 5% of their previous levels. The Association also put into action a plan to eliminate the importation of any new slaves to the colonies! Very few Americans know that the nonimportation plan was carried out successfully and from that day forward no new slaves were imported to the colonies, at least not legally. (explain that to your progressive friends who think all of our founders were pro-slavery)

Very few Americans have ever heard of the Association which I find to be remarkable considering how successful it was. To me, the Association is exactly the kind of entity we need at the federal level. The delegates just met together when a situation arose where the states needed to be united to react to an outside threat. The rest of the time the delegates were at home taking care of personal business. Sounds like a perfect model for a federal government to me.

Then came the phenomenal Virginia Declaration of rights authored by George Mason in March of 1776, (copied by most of the other colonies) and the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Then came the Articles of Confederation, the bill of rights, and then the constitution of 1789.

The bar attorneys and elites did not want the bill of rights to be the first 10 articles of the constitution with its preamble that stated clearly that the bill of rights was being implemented to "further restrict" the constitution. So they used their influence at that first congress to put the bill of rights in the weaker position of amendments to the constitution with no mention of the original preamble.

These same forces also rammed through the first congress the Judiciary act of 1789 which created the entire unnecessary federal judiciary and the supreme court which Jefferson correctly predicted would be the main institution leading to our downfall. This Judiciary act has been a boon to the bar attorneys and their ability to increase their power and influence in the country.

The bar attorneys and financial elites were winning battles, and they scored big time when Hamilton won the debate with Jefferson (Washington favored Hamilton) over putting the first national bank (precursor to the Federal Reserve) controlled by the Rothschilds in place on December 12, 1791

The FIRST BANK was not renewed when its charter was up for renewal in 2009 as anti-bank President Madison was an opponent of the international bankers. When Madison refused to renew the charter the Rothschild family publicly vowed to have the US at war within four years. And three years later we had the war of 1812. Yes, they are that powerful, always have been, and always will be until we defeat them.

Madison was forced to put the second national bank in place in 1816 to repay debts from the war. Anti-bank, Andrew Jackson refused to renew that charter when it came up for renewal 20 years later. The congress, bought and paid for by bank president Nelson Biddle, had enough influence to pay off almost enough congressmen to veto Jackson. But Jackson prevailed and ended that bank. A few days later a paid assassin fired two pistols at Jackson from point-blank range and both guns misfired. After that, the bankers put in place their plan to create a civil war to bankrupt America and gain control.

So with that bit of history enjoy this excellent PowerPoint presentation which will give you a different but honest view of American history. Note that on slide 19 where they say "Andrew Jackson" it should be "Andrew Johnson."

For those who want to dig deeper, the 50-page white paper TREASON by RALPH BORYSZEWSKI is also included. It describes how the bar attorneys/centralizers created a campaign to destroy the credibility of the Articles of Confederation in the 1780s

For those who want to dig really deep, I have included a pdf of 'THE CONSTITUTION THAT NEVER WAS' BY BORYSZEWSKI

"American Lion" is an excellent biography of Andrew Jackson and the story of the Second Bank, a precursor to the Federal Reserve, written by a Pulitzer prize-winning author.

PPT affidavit against corruption Part 1.pdf TREASON _ Ralph Borysewski.pdf The Constitution That Never Was.pdf