About Clyde Cleveland

Clyde is currently the CEO and co-founder of Impact Wealth Group and of IWG Advisors LLC a registered financial advisory company. He splits his time between his work in the financial services industry and his activism. He has been a leader in the movement to restore our country to its founding principles. He has also been a leader in improving our environment as a board member of two successful non-profit organizations and author of two books.

Clyde was the co-founder and President of Randall Marketing Group (RMG). RMG started operations in 2005 and was a leader in the field of training financial service agents marketing insurance and securities products.

In 2003, Mr. Cleveland co-founded Seminar Crowds, a direct mail company that specializes in mailings for financial agents who give complimentary dinner seminars to build their clientele. In 2002 and early 2003 Clyde operated a financial advisory business in Des Moines, Iowa.

In 1990 Clyde switched from his previous work in financial services to the Infomercial industry. He was directly responsible for the development of the first two successful golf club infomercials ever produced.

Tim Hawthorne, Chairman, Hawthorne Direct; Co-Founder, Electronic Retailing Association, had this to say about Clyde’s impact on the informercial industry:

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