• COMMON SENSE; Revisited

    COMMON SENSE; Revisited is a modern-day tribute to Thomas Paine's original. It is our hope that this new pamphlet, re-written for today's times and today's issues, will have a similar paradigm-shifting effect as its original counterpart.

  • Audio Book

    The Audio Book can be purchased as an MP3 download or a 2 CD package. Prices are reasonable to encourage distribution.


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Our goal for COMMON SENSE; Revisited is to create a paradigm shift towards freedom, as Thomas Paine's original COMMON SENSE did in 1776. To do this, we need your help to distribute copies of COMMON SENSE; Revisited. Download and share the PDF download with friends, family, neighbors, etc.
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How to purchase printed edition

COMMON SENSE; Revisited is available for $3.95 from Amazon.  Click here!