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The bar attorneys and elites did not want the bill of rights to be the first 10 articles of the constitution with its preamble that stated clearly that the bill of rights was being implemented to "further restrict" the constitution. So they used their influence at that first congress to put the bill of rights in the weaker position of amendments to the constitution with no mention of the original preamble.

These same forces also rammed through the first congress the Judiciary act of 1789 which created the entire unnecessary federal judiciary and the supreme court which Jefferson correctly predicted would be the main institution leading to our downfall. This Judiciary act has been a boon to the bar attorneys and their ability to increase their power and influence in the country.

The bar attorneys and financial elites were winning battles, and they scored big time when Hamilton won the debate with Jefferson (President Washington favored Hamilton over Jefferson) over putting the first national bank (precursor to the Federal Reserve) controlled by the Rothschilds in place on December 12, 1791.

As a result of all of the above the American people finally fought back against the take over of our government by bar attorneys and proposed the 13th amendment which made it illegal for bar attorneys to hold office. It was called the titles of nobility amendment and it was created by the people to keep bar attorneys from holding public office.

The amendment was approved by the last required state, Virginia in 1818. The bar attorneys did everything they could do to get rid of it and the only place you can find it is in legal and history books written in the early 1800s it is not included in books today. This situation is a good example of the power of the bar attorney lobby.

Back to the banks, the FIRST BANK was not renewed when its charter was up for renewal in 1811 as anti-bank President Madison was an opponent of the international bankers. When Madison refused to renew the charter the Rothschild family publicly vowed to have the US at war within two years. And one year later we had the war of 1812. Yes, they are that powerful, always have been, and always will be until we defeat them.

Madison was forced to put the second national bank in place in 1816 (another 20 year charter) to repay debts from the war. Anti-bank, Andrew Jackson refused to renew that charter when it came up for renewal 20 years later. The congress, bought and paid for by bank president Nelson Biddle, had enough influence to pay off almost enough congressmen to veto Jackson. And the senate, also paid off by Biddle actually censored Jackson for saving the country!! But Jackson prevailed and ended that bank. A few days later a paid assassin fired two pistols at Jackson from point-blank range and both guns misfired. After that, the bankers put in place their plan to create a civil war to bankrupt America and gain total control and put in place the matrix that is reviewed in the PowerPoint below and in Melvin Stamper's amazing book "Fruit from the Poisonous Tree."

So with that bit of history enjoy this excellent PowerPoint presentation which will give you a different but honest view of American history. Note that on slide 19 where they say "Andrew Jackson" it should be "Andrew Johnson."

For those who want to dig deeper, the 50-page white paper TREASON by RALPH BORYSZEWSKI is also included. It describes how the bar attorneys/centralizers created a campaign to destroy the credibility of the Articles of Confederation in the 1780s.

For those who want to dig really deep, I have included a pdf of 'THE CONSTITUTION THAT NEVER WAS' BY BORYSZEWSKI.

"American Lion" is an excellent biography of Andrew Jackson and the story of the Second Bank, a precursor to the Federal Reserve, written by a Pulitzer prize-winning author.

I recommend also reading "The Creature from Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin.

I have also included two more must read books in pdf format for you below "War Is A Racket" by the most decorated soldier in American History, Marine General Smedly Butler

And a pdf of a book written by Melvin Stamper that explains in more detail much of what is on the power point presentation I have included here. If you really want to know who is controlling out country and how they have done it since our country's inception you really should read everything included here. I suggest reading "American Lion" and "Jekyl Island" last after reading these shorter pdf's and PowerPoint.

I suggest reading this knowledge in the following order:

"Treason" (pdf, 27 pages)

"War is a Racket" (pdf, 35 pages)

PowerPoint slide show, with Einstein's picture "How our country became a corporate matrix" "87 short slides"

"Fruit from a Poisonous Tree" read at least the first 142 pages.

Purchase and read "American Lion" by Pulitzer Prize-winning author John Meachum. It is a quick read, a fascinating book, and it gives an accurate account of the impact of our second Rothschild bank, (Jackson vs. Biddle) its power, and its corruption.

Purchase and read "The Creature from Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin. It is a very complete description of the history of the impact the Central banking families have had on our country. You cannot understand American history without this knowledge.

The "Creature" was written decades ago, for a very recent update on the Global Matrix please watch this amazing video by Mel K: she comes on at the 7 hours and 3-minute mark.

And, if you are a detail person and would like to see an in-depth history of how our government was corrupted read the pdf of "The Constitution that Never Was."

The author was a police officer who went after corrupt law enforcement officials for six decades, including prosecutors and judges. He never stopped. I interviewed him when he was 94 and he was still fighting corruption.


PPT affidavit against corruption Part 1.pdf TREASON _ Ralph Borysewski.pdf The Constitution That Never Was.pdf
  "Fruits-From-a-Poisonous-Tree.pdf" (4.6MB)